#90023 - Key Chains by All Makers NOBLE #FULLMOTOT Motorcycle Boot

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A sterling silver key chain formed as a motorcycle boot, designed by Dr. Jeffrey N. Berndt. Jeffrey creates his designs in his small studio located just outside the artistic community of Carrboro, NC.. His first design for the series was the iconic cowboy boot. The boot embodies strength and durability while at the same time represents peoples' interests, adventures and can-do-spirit. Jeffrey learned at an early age to work with his hands. While in dental school, he learned to sculpt teeth in wax and the art of lost wax casting: he loved it. From that Noble Designs was established in 2015. We just love Jeffrey's philosophy: "Life is not walking down the paths paved by others; it's creating your own. It's about pulling up your bootstraps, wading in and taking the first step into the unknown. For taking a chance on love, getting kicked by love, and jumping right back into love. Life is kicking down walls, breaking down stereotypes, stomping on obstacles, and digging in your heels to politely say "no". Life is being noble and leading those less fortunate before you. It's about taking a step back to take in the view & kicking up your heels and dancing to the music of life."